How to guide for users

Hi everybody

Is there any how-to guide we can pass to our users so to understand the functionality of the discourse forum?

I have hosted it at DO and need to educate people.

Thank you!

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I believe there is a moderation guide on how moderating works, I don’t know about a guide for users.

Moderation guide:

But otherwise you can use the #howto category to learn basic information of discourse and share it with your users.

The basic informations are covered by discobot when users create a new account (interactive narratives for new users and advanced users). See Who is Discobot?


That’s helpful, thank you.

I assume I can copy information from here and add it to my forum; that’s allowed. Correct?

I am asking because that is not allowed in some forums.

(btw, just landed here)

You can create links from your forum that land to meta’s #howto category, like oneboxing.

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I suppose the ultimate test of any software is that users don’t need to read a tutorial…

Discourse actually is quite far ahead on this front.