How to hide staff member shield icon

Hi all - I’d like to disable the admin / moderator sheild: image
I want to discourage any sort of hierarchy within my small community. While I own and set up the site, the community was there long before me and I dont want to seem ‘important’ or different if that makes sense?



You can customize the CSS:

span.staff .svg-icon-title { display: none; }

This would hide the shield in the conversation.

There might be other occurrences, e.g., in user lists or group memberships that you might want to address.


I don’t know why you want to do this. People should be able to find staff in a easy way if they have a problem. What are you going to do with Trust Levels for example regular and leader?


You can remove the badge system, and you can use your frontend Web server to return 404 to the trust_level groups. The best would be a plugin that does this but not for Staff. Anyway, that’s kind of security by obscurity.

But in @red’s case I guess prominent Staff hats removed is enough. I would be happy with this quick solution since it affects the conversation, not advanced users sneaking around, who would already know how to reach /about.


Or make the staff admins so shield does not show for normal members?


That would grant unnecessary powers to moderators who might not be tech-savvy nor trusted enough for such things. Depends on the community though.


Thanks all. I dont necessarily want to completely scrub the badge / staff system. I just want to remove the occurrence of the icons in common spaces (e.g. conversations). So thanks @hellekin CSS should do the trick.

I don’t so much mind about it appearing in user lists.

Its not a secret who the admin/ staff are. Just that the community has existed offline for a while. I joined recently as a newcomer and suggested Discourse, and successfully pitched that we shift the discussion into the digital space. I dont want to be singled out as having any sort of higher authority in the discussion which I feel the staff/ moderator shield does.

The community is closed, invitation only, and requires our approval so its all cool.

For context, its a group of professionals in the environmental and sustainable finance space who are participating in a personal capacity outside of their work - I’m just starting out in my career and some of the members are CEOs and VCs.

Edit: thanks @ondrejj for your thoughts also. Useful!


I am an administrator on our closed forum. We have 2 mods who have the shield after their name. I chose not to have a shield after my name so all I had to do was in my preferences, not to use a title. Nothing appears after my name, not Leader, not Regular, no shield… nothing. And everyone knows who I am and what I am. :slightly_smiling_face:

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