How to Hide Users Profile for some Category?

Expected Behaviour:
I want to create One Category where users can create topics but I want to hide all users Profile details for all reactions like Topic Creator, Like, Comment anything. Only for that category, is it possible?

Reason: Want to create 1 category for some sensitive discussions where users can put their opinion without Identity. to avoid Disputes…

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I am not aware of a way to do that. Maybe you want to allow anonymous posting?

how can we do this for only for particular category…

I think that you would enable anonymous posting and tell people that they can post anonymously only in that category. I’m not aware of category specific limits.

I have checked settings of Category & Settings of Posting not found anonymous Posting Option…

It’s a site setting

allow anonymous posting

I’m not aware of a way to enforce it to a single category.

yes, I have found anonymous posting option in Users Setting but it will allow anonymous posting for all categories. but I want for only 1 category… not for all… & Important thing it is not hiding replying user profile I have tested this.

If this options will available in Category Setting this will be great…
Means when User Post into Anonymous category User profile should be automatically hide for that category…

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You’d need s plugin to limit anonymous posting to certain categories. You can post in #marketplace; I think $500 would do it.

I’m not clear if you’re saying that anonymous posting isn’t anonymous enough.

Thanks, but I can’t afford it. then I have to Skip this Category.
Because I’m working for social work Forum already I’m investing all money from my own pocket for now. If possible in the future I will think about your suggestion thanks.

Means Users can switch into anonymous mode then the user can post a topic with anonymous profiles. but , when someone replies on that topic then that user will expose own profile there, that’s not enough. because it can create a dispute. between those users.

& Another thing, replying users also want to switch as anonymous. it’s not user-friendly for users…

This all should be automatically for particular category. Then our intention of creating that Anonymous Category can work better.

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Hmm. I suppose that a plugin could change the ownership of the post just before it was created. You’d then need to turn off the setting that lets people know that someone is replying.

My estimate could be high.