How to implement distributed deployment of Discourse?

My goal is to build a website that responds to at least 500 requests per second, for which I may need distributed deployment. I currently have the site deployed on a free AWS EC2 server with free RDS Postgresql and S3 as the database.
For scalability of the platform I may need multiple ec2 nodes as servers with load balancers.
However, I am not experienced with distributed and I would like to know how I should do it, can anyone share their experience or provide tutorials please? It is really very much appreciated.

One way is to push the images your build with launcher to a repo and then use ecs to manage them.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get that level of performance on the free tier.

yes,I will use paid instance. If I only want to have 2 instance how should I do? is just copying the original instance, and use a aws load balancer to manage them ok? thanks!