What size EC2 instance is meta hosted on?

Greetings. Old guy dot com 1.0 refugee here. I’m looking at Discourse for a hobby/user community looking to get out from under the corporate interests that bought the user based community a few years back. I spun up an install a few months back on a 1 GB Lightsail instance, looks good. Should be plenty to start a forked community.

What size EC2 instance is this forum running on? Netcraft says it’s from the ELB. Are you running each container on an instance or multiple sites and/or containers from a single EC2 instance? I’m ASSuming meta is served from the same cluster as the hosted sites are. From some previous posts about well populated gaming forums running Discourse the post/user numbers looked good but no one was willing or able to share provisioning info.

The current setup is 3mil/60k but this being a fork it won’t be anywhere near that. No one in the community knows page views, throughput or concurrent db connections so it makes it tough to guesstimate what the resource requirements for that scale would be. That’s really more of a curiosity to see what would be needed for the current scale. The current forum migrating or the fork getting that much traffic near term isn’t realistic. There is some core user traction to try something new and Discourse looks to be the best option.


We run most AWS clusters in cheap t3.medium instances. We also use autoscaling to handle traffic peaks, and use the AWS ALB to front the traffic.

This is an enterprise setup, that can handle huge surges of traffic (think sudden Reddit Front Page).

For 99% of the installs, a Lightsail all in one using our Install Guide should be more than enough.

If you are looking for an enterprise-grade setup in AWS, we can provide that for you: https://discourse.org/buy


Thanks Falco. I appreciate it. :+1:

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