How to include bumped posts in RSS feeds?

The RSS feed for latest.rss (and each category) don’t seem to include bumped posts.

I need a feed that matches what users actually see in those views, which includes bumped posts.

Is it possible to do that?


latest.json seems to contain bumped posts so that seems a bit inconsistent

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As a workaround for now, I’ve used Zapier to poll the latest.json (since that contains bumped posts) and convert it into an accessible RSS feed.

What does it mean to “bump” a post? Is it when there was an answer?

Currently, my RSS reader gives me a notification when there is a new post, but not when someone answered to a post. I am not sure if RSS has a notion of “answers”, and I am wondering if I understand correctly that this “bump” info would let my reader know that the post was updated and it would (maybe) trigger a notification?

Currently it just feels a bit useless to use the RSS feed, given that anyway I need to open the website to see if there was an answer posted in the topic I am interested in.

It’s when the system automatically resurfaces an old post. It’s in the settings for each category…