How to increase number of posts on mobile on homepage?

Hello Friends,

I use homepage with categories on my website and the 3 posts are showing only on mobile view under every category, how i can increase the number of showing posts more than 3?


In the settings for each category, you’ll want to increase the Number of topics shown on the categories page setting. Keep in mind this will affect both mobile and desktop.


Do you mean if i set the number to 6 this will be on the desktop also ?
but the number is 3 still showing 20 on desktop !!
what is the idea?

I’m a bit confused now. Can you share your site URL so I can take a look and see what you’re describing?

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Thanks, I understand now. You’re using the categories + latest view on desktop, so the change I suggested doesn’t affect desktop.


Exactly, and please allow me to say thanks a lot that helped a lot.

Good day to you sir.

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I am using categories + latest on desktop. Is there currently a way to limit the number of topics shown on the categories page?