How to insert model-viewer?


We have a self hosted discourse for our startup. We are having to view and analyze 3d models as part of our workflow. Model-viewer gives a very simple 360 degree possibility of 3d models. It just takes a CSS, JS and few lines of html as below.

<!-- Import the component -->
<script type="module" src=""></script>

<!-- Use it like any other HTML element -->
<model-viewer src="shared-assets/models/Astronaut.glb" alt="A 3D model of an astronaut" auto-rotate camera-controls></model-viewer>

I can customize discourse to include js and css, but how could I use above html to embed? As I learn, the div is banned, and I could not find anything about how to use model-viewer html tag at all here.

After all this, my idea is to upload glb file to discourse in editor, use that link for src tag of model-viewer, to get it embedded as interactive 3d.

Kindly advice.

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At first glance, this reads like plugin territory, you may have to develop something custom for this.

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