How to install a second instance of discourse in same VPS?

Just do the “30 minute installation” on a different directory than /var/discourse? Are there any possible conflicts using this method could create? I would be using a second IP for the new discourse, method I used in the past to run wordpress and discourse in same vps, which works is a lot less messy than setting up reverse proxy to me.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can use a second IP. You’ll need to modify app.yml so that it binds only to the correct IP, and then create a second app.yml (with a different name, of course). Howto bind discourse to a single IP address might help.

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Yeah, I have done that in the past. My question is whether installing a second instance is just as easy as git-cloning discourse into a /var/SecondInstance folder and then running ./discourse-setup from there. Do both instances of discourse interfere with each other? DO each have their own app.yml?


I could just go ahead and try it but I don’t want to ruin my currently working setup pf discourse+wordpress.

It’s easier to just create another xxx.yml in the same directory.