How to install the lazy-yt plugin

Probably I am missing something, but I am unable to install the lazy-yt plugin in my new deployment of Discourse (v2.7.7). I searched the docs and this messageboard for answers without results.

According to this topic Install Plugins in Discourse the plugin should be added to app.yaml file (I am using the discourse_docker image for deployment). But it seems that the lazy-yt plugin is included with a default installation of discourse, see discourse/plugins/lazy-yt at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub. Also the code for this plugin is not hosted in a standalone repo, so not sure how to refer to this plugin from app.yaml file.

In my new Discourse deployment I am not seeing any settings related to the lazy-yt plugin:

Any help is appreciated!

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Hey @arbakker,

Welcome to the discourse community.

It is my understanding that lazy-yt is one of 6 plugins that is already part of discourse which you dont have to install as its part of the core.

It’s same like the Polls plugin. You dont have to install it separate, but yet its in the editor already.

I hope this makes sense.


@IAmGav thanks for the welcome! In hindsight it is obvious these plugins are installed by default considering they are part of the core codebase.

I am upgrading an older installation, which previously did require a separate install of the lazy-yt install. So that explains my stubbornness in this matter :).


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