How to install v1.9.0.beta1 version of discourse

I want to install the v1.9.0.beta1 version of discourse due to some reasons.
Who can tell me what to do, thanks.

Could you elaborate on why you need to use such an old version?

Because the forum data is v1.9.0.beta1, I want the data version to be consistent with the discourse version.

In most cases you can restore an old database and it will migrate to the current version.

In the app.yml there is a commented out line that has tests-passed in it. You can uncomment that line and stick in any git commit.

Thanks for your comments, yes, I change this version(the commit id of v1.9.0.beta1) as follows:
version: 82ed51450e4b2912d3c650acd7a8332f90de9dc4
And I execute the command:
cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app
But it failed, the upload file is fail log.txt (129.4 KB)

Does discourse_docker need to switch to the old version to run the rebuild command? Which old version can run this command successfully? I uploaded my app.yml app.yml.txt (4.0 KB)

I have already find the solution, thanks.

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