Install v1.7.2 using Docker

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I am trying to install Discourse on a Digital Ocean Droplet all goes well, except I need to run a script that only works with v1.7.2 (long story just trust me!)

Tried everything I can think of to get Docker to do a clean install of v1.7.2 - does anyone know the correct procedure please?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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In app.yml where it says “tests-passed” you can put the the Git ID of the version you want.

So I think you want

  version: 839a5e6e427bdffb87596f8fbe51c37796e40da3

version is in the file, but commented out.



I searched and found that solution earlier (it works using ‘v1.7.2’) but it seems to be only be able to do that as a rebuild the .yml file doesn’t exist until after the newest version has been installed.

These are the instructions I followed:

I need to be able to change the version number between the install and the setup.

All I have managed to do so far is install and then downgrade, that’s not what I am looking for.

The reason for this is that there seems to be some kind of database incompatibility with the script I am trying to run and the rebuild doesn’t fix it - although this is a guess!

I feel like I am missing something obvious.

You can create app.yml manually (there is a template in /var/discourse/samples/standalone.yml) – but if you already bootstrapped and want to downgrade, this is easy as long as you are willing to lose your data. Simply update app.yml, then run this:

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher stop app
rm -rf shared/standalone/ # wipe shared volume
./launcher rebuild app

:warning: Executing these commands will completely reset Discourse! All content, users and settings will be deleted.


I defintiely want to lose the data, everything needs to go so it’s a complete fresh install…
This is probably what I was missing - thank you!!!

I’d done everything but this one line!!!

Thank you!!!

You can cp samples/standalone.yml containers and edit it by hand, or use ./discourse-setup and hit a control C after it’s through configuring. There’s an undocumented 5 second pause before it starts the build, for just that purpose.


Brillaint, this is the magic dust I was looking for and couldn’t find :smiley:

I am already rebuilding and know it’s working as I’ve seen all the database commands run again - so have a lot of confidence I am going to end up with a 1.7.2 and corresponding database!

We will see, I will let you know!

Thanks again :smiley: