How to install Wordpress and Discourse together? (Ubuntu)

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I’m currently using an Ubuntu server and I want to install Wordpress and Discourse, for example:
mydomain. com (Wordpress)
forum.mydomain. com or mydomain. com/forum (Discourse)

I tried some things but failed. Discourse need to be installed with Docker and Wordpress with Apache or Nginx, but there are some conflincts when I’m using both.

I’ve searched and read some topics but none helped me (not my situation or didn’t understood them).

Thanks for your help!

Will we ever be able to install Discourse on shared servers?
(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Without knowing what topics you read or you tried, there isn’t much way to know what to tell you. The easiest is to use two separate servers. The hardest is to try the subfolder (

Did you follow any of these? Discourse in a subfolder, multiple servers sharing a domain. Running other websites on the same machine as Discourse, How to set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites


I run 2 separate Droplets on Digital ocean. Works great.

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(Cameron:D) #4

Docker can be used to run applications other than Discourse. There is a preconfigured WordPress docker container here:
That can run alongside Discourse, then you follow the guide for running other websites on the same machine as Discourse and set up nginx on the host to serve the two subdomains (or Traefik in another container if you’re adventurous).

(Sir Reyowski) #5

I don’t use Digital Ocean, I have my own server

(Steven Greco) #6

I run a Wordpress site and a Discourse instance off the same droplet and used this guide. Worked well for me.

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I don’t rent a VPS at Digital Ocean.

I hosted my WP on my web-hosting and point a subdomain to my VPS.

Thanks for you help