Installation of Wordpress and Discourse same domain same server?

We are new user of Discourse. We tried to install both of wordpress website at main domain and discourse at forum subdomain by Docker on the same server Ubuntu 18.04; I pointed DNS A record of main domain and another A record of forum subdomain to the server IP.

When I entered on the browser, we came to see the famous 5-minute Wordpress installation page. That is good.

However when type into the browser, it is still the famous 5-minute Wordpress installation page.

Unfotunately we are not able to have the Discourse startup page. Maybe the problem with DNS part?

We are wondering if we also need to install Nginx so as to apply for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.


  1. We reinstalled the VPS server and followed the offical guide on Github. Yes we completed the installation for successfully, so we are able to see the front end of back end (dashboard) of our own Discourse forum. It has HTTPS ssl certificate already.

  2. We also installed Wordpress website for by Docker. We found one problem: we only have access to this Wodpress website via IP:8000 port. This Wordpress website does not have HTTPS ssl certificate.

  3. If we type main domain on the browser and visit it, it will jump to our Discourse forum. Actually we want this main domain for the Wordpress website.

Me to waiting for the reply.

you will have to try do something like this

Refer to this guide:

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