How to integrate discourse in my current react js website

Would you please provide steps or demo for integrate discourse into react app

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Hi Jaypal. :slight_smile:

Can you clarify your question? Your title says Discourse, but your post says Discord. I want to be sure you’re in the right place here.

Also, did you try looking at React’s support and community? That seems good places for advice:


Sorry for typing mistake.

I need Discourse integration into my new react website.
I don’t have proper idea about discourse.
Would you please help me to do this.
How I can use the discourse API?

This question is still too broad to be answered properly: a “Discourse integration” can mean all sorts of things.

About the Discourse API, there’s this API Documentation, but you can also reverse-engineer any operation using the Network tab and try to reproduce the requests you see there on your own app.

Thank you for replay.
I will refer the doc try to add that thing into my site.