How to integrate Discourse with the Netlify platform

Hello all!

I’m a developer currently managing a “Hosted by Discourse” Standard site as well as a Netlify site using the Netlify Identity service for user authentication and tracking. Ideally I’m looking to unify the two sites in terms of user authentication and shared data. The proposed solution would require a single sign-up/log-in between the two sites, and a single progress page on the Netlify site would display user progress for both sites (probably through the Discourse API). I’m having trouble with the user auth component - I understand Discourse supports SSO, but Netlify doesn’t, instead it relies on OAuth for external authentication. I’m wondering if anyone here has experience building something similar to this, or could point me in the right direction towards an implementation? I appreciate everyone’s help!

@Perry_Eising do you have any thoughts here?

I didn’t work our implementation specifically, but I know that we wrote a custom setup where you can SSO in to our discourse with your Netlify account. @vicmart - if you DM me I may be able to connect you to the developer who worked on this. thanks for the ping @HAWK