How to kill Discourse's own "we're hiring" postit?

Great news that the Discourse team might be expanding and there are jobs to be had. I am not eligible/available and having dismissed the banner once do not want to see it again. However, every so often it gets reposted. Is there a way here on Discourse Meta to suppress it?


There is an :x: at the upper right hand corner. Click it.


I did and do but as I say it comes back.

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Even if you close it, it will come back. Presumably when new roles are posted.

Personally I don’t mind it, CDCK provides meta at no cost and IMHO they’re free to advertise whatever they want.


Oh. Perhaps so. I don’t see it now and don’t remember the last time I clicked it.

But maybe it does reappear when a new job is posted.


I do. Not because of that banner, but same tech is in use in many forums for different purposes.

And IF it popups because of rebuilding or another similar reason it can be somekind issue. Not major one, of course, but spammy minor one.

When dismissed, the hiring banner should remain hidden on that device for 3 months.


Not long enough for me. I will never be eligble nor available for Discourse jobs. For US based riles very little chance of me getting clearance. FOr other roles I do not possess the requisite skills.

But that banner is only on this site.

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So? And everyone is using same system and facing same issue IF the reason is technical.

I haven’t seen it since I closed it. If it’s an issue use AdBlock.

Not useful when using the Discourse Hub app.

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We (in the meaning discourse admins) can’t advise adblock to fix popup issue — because this is not Meta related thing, but Discourse wide — again — IF the reason comes from code.

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