How to know Discourse user is unapproved in Wordpress?

I want to create a user automatically in Discourse when new registration happens in WordPress but I don’t want to give them access before they complete an application form.

I am able to use sync on login and must approve users settings to achieve most of this but I don’t know how to retrieve if the user is approved in Discourse?

Is there a WP user meta field that Discourse uses to store Discourse user approved status? If not, do I need to use an API to get the information from Discourse?

My goal - I want to show a button on my dashboard in WP with a dynamic link that changes based on approved or unapproved status.
Unapproved user - dynamic link directs to application form on WP
Approved user - dynamic link directs to the discourse community.

I looked at a few posts but could not find a solution. Help appreciated!

I figured out how to make this happen by writing a data explorer query and calling it via API. It works fine but now I am making a call between two systems which is obviously slower than having the data saved in WP.

If the page load is slow, I would use a hook to store the approval data in user custom field on my own. Before I go ahead, it would be good to know if WP-Discourse Plugin already does that.