How to limit user chosing flair?

We have some flairs related to our trust levels.

So if users can choice their own flairs, we just can’t give flairs because they lose their value (!)

I don’t understand the point on this and maybe I’m missing the option to disable user choicing flairs and leaving the system use them aligned with the overall trust system builded on top :slight_smile:

There is a relative simple workaround to disable users choicing their flairs? I can work on this if you give me some directions.


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You might want to consider this theme component.

It gives Trust Level flairs and still allows other flairs.

Otherwise I think you can turn off choosing flairs by disabling choosing primary group.

That hasn’t been the case for a long time actually. It used to be that the flair was directly tied to the primary group, but nowadays the flair option in your preferences can be used to select any flair one of the groups you’re in has even if the ability to select your primary group is turned off for normal users.

My preferences for my standard test account on the NaNoWriMo instance which has the ability to select your primary group turned off for regular users.

(And in case anyone is curious about it, I have multiple test accounts there with different trust and access levels that are kept in a custom group whose name references my moderator account)


okay thanks missed that change. As a minor fix you coupd likely hide the change flair with css.

Installing a plugin and hiding it from CSS is not good as revert an option that was on Discourse base from more than 5 years.

Discourse is customizable and that is the point. There are many features that ppl disable/hide that they do not want used on there site.

This is why ppl use discourse is because of it’s flexible customizations.

Sure for your site/instance it might not be good.

I’m asking the point to added user chosing flair text that breaks more than adds?

Can you share anything about that? Because I’m not asking about you mention.

Didn’t you ask about chosing flares in your Op post?

So I stated one method to disable the choice.

Sorry but that’s not fix the actual problem where people can select “Trust Level 3” in Trust Level 1.

And disabling the selector, the avatar flair and plus editing every single user manually is not good as turning default option that nobody can’t select the group (more than staff maybe) in order to respect the base of the Trust System on Discourse.

I’m still without getting the point of allowing users to chose their group when groups are by design updated by Trust Level.

The issue probably needs to be moved to bug

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To confirm is it this user preference setting thatvis causing the issue?

As I do not see Trust kevels as options

The theme-component I linked for I don’t think gives users options to select different Trust Level groups for flairs.

After a quick look at your Op statement and the Custom TL flairs Theme Component. I think it might work best as it adds an additional flair to the user profile; leaving the choice of flairs intact for other group flairs. I imagine you will need to remove how you added flairs to TL and add them to the component linked above. This would likely be the easiest route atm with less work involved.

I think I maybe misunderstanding what the issue is your experiencing. My apologies.

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Easy, could be a missunderstanding from myself too because I’m not an expert and I’m learning all the time :pray:

I’m trying to give a flair to LVL 1, 2 and 3 (we don’t have plans for allowing LVL 4 because it’s redundant for our purposes ATM) and we see that core allow that so easy.

But we have LVL 1 users showing flair setted for LVL 2 before! And we are not using the plugin but we tried it before and I see that could be causing the trouble and not the core.

I think that plugins needs to detail or completely avoid permanent changes. I see the same with excerpts: no plugin but excertps everywhere (!)

Thanks for your following up, I’ll get in deep and see what’s going on in our instance.


Looking over settings. You would need to remove group flairs in the group settings for Trust Levels.

Then setup the Trust Flairs in the Theme Component for each Trust Level you want flairs on and choose the position you want it to display on the Avatar. The Actual group flair choice in the user profile will not have any flairs to choose from unless a custom group has a group flare.

The theme-component I linked will only show flair from the Highest Trust Level the member has.

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