How to local host an image

I’m hosting a 177kB svg background image on, and it takes a whopping 1.2 seconds to load. I think it would be much faster to local host, but I don’t know how. I’m guessing it’s as simple as uploading the image to my droplet (I’m hosting at Digitalocean) and reference the image with the correct path. But I have no idea what the path needs to be. I’ve not been able to find an index.html file or anything like it.

How do I do this?

Upload it to a topic and get the URL of the upload.

Can’t upload svg-files to topic.

You can permit svg files for staff by adding svg to authorized extensions for staff

That way you can upload your file without risking public svg uploads.


@pfaffman @Stephen Thanks guys, that did it! Too easy when you know it. And only takes 70 ms to load now. :+1:t3: How do I select both your answers as the solution?

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I’m afraid that isn’t possible.

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