Is adding a new image class necessary for svg?

Icwant use SVG and was curious if an additional img class needed to be added and where are the man instruction for doing it, if it is?

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By default svg uploads are not allowed for posts, they are allowed for themes (in the admin panel). You can easily change which file formats can be uploaded by adding the extenstion to the authorized extensions site setting.


Thank you, that’s what I needed to know.

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When I attempt to upload an svg file I get this message
Sorry, but we couldn't determine the size of the image. Maybe your image is corrupted?
What am I doing wrong?

@zogstrip can you confirm there are no regressions with SVG image uploads?

I don’t know what that is, regressions I mean.

It means that something that once worked no longer works because of changes in the code. For you, right now, it means: wait, we’re looking into it.


Ok, that makes sense. Thank you much :thumbsup:

This is a SVG. Works just fine.

@Muiran would you mind uploading your SVG file somewhere on the :cloud: so that I can have a look at it?

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Ok, seems that I needed to specify pixels in dimensions when I exported the file. The problem was on my end, so thank you much for helping me figure this out. Sorry for the trouble.


Yeah, we require the height and width of the image, otherwise, there’s no way to know the size of the image :wink: