How to make sure all emails are off unless used for activation or password reset

Im having trouble with emails recently. Before I was posting and only when i did @ trust level then they would get email notifications. Lately (within this month or last) somethings gone insane where when i post in categories everyone gets emailed. Im not sure if it has to do with the follow plugin I added (removing that now just in case), I dont have many followers. I just want this off completely. I had an insane number of emails being sent that got me blocked from the provider.

It will be tricky to say how to specifically turn of notifications without knowing exactly what kind of emails are being sent. Are your users using mailing list mode? Or do they have tracking set up for some really active categories? I’ve seen these 2 reasons to be the case for large emails being sent.

To turn it off completely, you could set the default email level to never, but that would mean users would need to log in to the site to know what’s happening. You could also disable mailing list mode on your Discourse site and a few other settings instead, I’ll suggest going through the settings listed in the User Preferences section of your site’s admin settings /admin/site_settings/category/user_preferences to get a better sense of what you can adjust.

Also, go through this post for an overview of these emails and the options you have with them.


Thanks. They werent using mailing mode but guess some had categories watched. I still dont think effected everything tho. I just turned off the default to now. I went from 40-50k emails a month to nearly 120k in half a month. What I noticed were my posts, almost every post was being blasted to everyone.Just started around this month. I switched providers already and dont want to risk too many more issues. We get daily sign ups so every day email is down is a loss.

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Mailing list mode is VERY VERY dangerous. It can generate hundreds of thousands of emails in a very short period of time (depending on your userbase).

I’m not even sure why we added it to Discourse in the first place, to be honest. I thought we had this auto-disabled behind a site setting @sam? If not, we should.

Our default for disable_mailing_list_mode is false.

We can change it to true if we want but I recommend waiting till right before a beta so site operators have better messaging regarding the changed default.


Ok @jomaxro can you make sure that happens before the next beta? This setting is just way too dangerous to leave available to users by default.


This fell off my plate. Mailing list mode is now default disabled in site settings (beta 2.7.0.beta5 should be coming out shortly). Admins will need to turn it on if they want users to be able to enable mailing list mode.