How to migrate Discourse Forum data (Topics, Chat, and Configuration) to another server

We have a public site where we have discourse deployed and we need to take the data and restore it to the air-gapped server or/and duplicate data to another server. I am not able to simply take the backup and modify .sql to change the domain name. Is there a migration tool or guide I can use?

Just make a backup and restore it to the server.

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As pfaffman said.

There’s documentation about this:

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We are deploying in Kubernetes and using keycloak as sso usng openid plugin. When we take the backup from 1 instance and restore to another, login is redirecting to instance 1 instead of instance 2.

There are a whole bunch of things that could be the issue, but my best guess is the SSO is redirecting to the other url. I would look at the SSO config rather than at discourse.

That doesn’t sound like you’re just migrating to another server. It sounds like you’re changing the URL of your forum.

My tip: do not do these two things at the same time.

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