How to migrate users from normal to sso

Hi guys,

I started my community in normal mode, but will switch to SSO soon.
Is there a good “best practice” available how to switch a user from his individual account to sso mode ?

I´m using the official


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Hi All,

now that I fixed my SSO issue I want to migrate, but don´t know how (still)
The problem is, that some users entered their email adress which is also coming over ldap during login.

Means they can´t create a new account based on sso because the email address is already used.
My approach was, to empty the primary email address of all users first, and then tell them, to create a new account based on sso, but I don´t know who to do that either.
It seems, that the dataexplorer plugin doesn´t allow update statements, is this true ?

With something like that i could do a

update public.user_emails
SET email = ‘’ where name like xxxx

But I get an unsupported feature error

Any ideas ?