SSO Creating New Instead of Existing Account

I’ve had SSO running nicely for a couple of months, but I am having trouble with one user account which was created prior to SSO. On my main site with username U1 they use email E1 but their good community account U1 used E2. So when they try to sign in now Discourse created a new account U2 with E1.

I’ve tried to correct this by deleting U2 from Discourse, and I tried to impersonate them as U1 and update their email address to E1. It said it emailed them but they didn’t see it, and I am not even positive if this will fix the problem.

I can confirm the problem myself - when I impersonate them on my main site was U1, it’s still creating U2 on Discourse. Help appreciated! Thanks.

Search here for “merge user”

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Are you sure that a user merge will handle SSO records correctly?
I have the feeling that this will become an even larger mess…

I am not sure, but that’s what I’ve done to solve similar problems with imports. The other solution is to muck with the SSO mapping at the console, which is beyond what is typically feasible here.

Deleting U2 and changing U1’s email address to the SSO email address should work, I’d think. Why this didn’t work seems like a separate issue, but could be the safest way to go.

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Since you are a customer you can email us directly via the private email address we provide to you, and we can support you directly.

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