How to Modify or disable the actions of the System Bot and Quotes

(Nick Sainz) #1

We just ran an update to our implementation of Discourse and now the system bot is removing full quotes from user comments. This is breaking the context in replies that respond to multiple comments. I’ll add some screen shots to hopefully help,

Here is a screen shot of the Notification of the system bot’s actions editing the posts.

(Nick Sainz) #4

Here is a some changes made by system bot,

(Robert) #5

Do you have similiar or different settings for quotes as these?

(Nick Sainz) #6

Yes our settings are identical.

(Luke Strickland) #7

I’m also from the same Forum Nick is a part of, this migration ended up queueing every single historical post into Sidekiq. This proves to be a giant performance hit on the Discourse instance and is triggering hundreds of thousands of database calls, notifications, etc.

(Régis Hanol) #8

That’s a new feature to reduce duplicate content. It should only remove full quotes of the preceding post (and only if it’s the only quote in the post).

This screenshot is likely a bug. @nbianca can you have a look?

The other two images look fine, but I will need to see the previous posts to confirm they’re working properly.

Wait, you just did a migration?! :confused: Or did you mean “upgrade”?

(Luke Strickland) #9

“Rebuild” is the discourse term I guess.

(Régis Hanol) #10

What kind of jobs are in your sidekiq queue? ~120k is a lot.

(Luke Strickland) #11

One for every post:

(Jeff Atwood) #12

@zogstrip I think this should be disable-able through a site setting but default on.

(Luke Strickland) #13

I’m fine with the feature of not having whole posts quoted, but I guess my questions revolve around the process behind the update.

Why would system notify each and every individual user that their post has been updated?

Is the intention to lean on Sidekiq for this task? If so is it acceptable to delay every other sidekiq powered feature (emails / notifications) because of an upgrade “migration”?

Our Discourse seems to be processing 5k posts per hour, so I guess we have 22 hours of upgrade pain to wade through?

(Régis Hanol) #14

That’s fair. @nbianca can you add the site setting?

(Régis Hanol) #15

Something’s wrong with your instance as this feature is not retroactive and only applies to new posts. The CrawlTopicLink jobs are coming from something else…

(Robert) #16

I hope you can add an on/off option as full quotes are not a bother on our forum, sometimes they add to the effect, sometimes are far enough down the thread it saves time wondering and wandering back through to find out what the reply means.

I do not believe this should be a mandatory setting.

(Régis Hanol) #17

You are obviously not reading this topic.

I said 2 posts earlier that we’re adding a site setting and I said we’re only removing the quote when the post is directly above :wink:

(Robert) #18

directly above seems reasonable

/shrinks to corner

502 error on /admin/dashboard/general.json
(Bianca) #19

Done :heavy_check_mark: