How to move the category into a column in 'Latest'

A while back I’ve noticed that the category is shown in a second line in /latest.

How can I move the category to a separate column. (I think I’ve seen that before.)

Edit: I accidentally hit a key combination that saved the text, before I was actually finished.

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Ah, ok, so I was right. The layout has changed. Thanks for the link.

I think the topics are now less readable. I don’t have to sort the topics according to a category, but a separate column makes the titles more readable. I wish there was an option to get the column back.

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That thread was only several posts down from yours. Can I suggest you contribute to the discussion there.

The options are now:

  • Discourse adds an option to revert to prior layout (unlikely)
  • You embrace the change and leverage the extra space (e.g. adopt a sidebar).
  • You use the CSS or simliar as shown to manipulate the view (partial solution)
  • Write a plugin or Theme component to override the Topic List template (.hbs). Probably not that hard because initially you may only need to replace the old one ;). However that would require maintenance over time and would get out of step, so it’s not the best solution longer term.
  • Install the existing Topic List Previews plugin and enjoy optional images AND a category column in your view!

Thanks again. Yes, I can move the discussion there.

However, the topic suggests the exact opposite that’s why I never read it nor thought of posting in that thread instead.

Your post was not in vain though! I’ve found that the change has messed with our Topic List Previews plugin which will need an update to add the Category header text back! :blush:

Unfortunately I don’t have access to install plugins. I am an admin, but I don’t have shell access. So I guess I will have to use the CSS option. :frowning:

Best workaround for now. Perhaps you can pursue getting root access in meantime :slight_smile: (and by then this will be fixed in TLP hopefully).



Thanks a lot for the link.

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