Topic list appears to be missing a column

Hello everyone!

I’m enjoying Discourse so much so thank you to everyone contributing to this amazing project.

I would like to ask for help as I’m having a bug on how columns are displaying.

Check picture:

How can I fix that?

website is:

Thank you!

You have some plugin or customization causing the issue. Try in safe mode, if that does not work, disable all third party plugins and rebuild.


If I visit your site using the safe-mode disabling 3rd party plugin there is no issue, see:

and the category names appear correctly under the title.

What 3rd party plugin have you installed?

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These, I deactivated most of them but the problem persists…

Turning them off is not enough, you should remove them.

Before doing so check the site logs a, if you are lucky you will find errors related to a particular plugin that is causing problems


Comment them out and rebuild.

Disabling isn’t enough.

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Problem solved… Just removed some plugins I was not using.

How can I remove categories from latest post?

Thank you all!

You can do it adding a CSS rule in your /admin/customize/themes:

.navigation-topics {
    display: none;

Just create a new theme component, add that CSS in the Common > CSS tab and then add the component to your main theme.


Worked perfectly!

Thank you so muuuuch! :slight_smile:

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Looks like something went wrong. Now when posting and selecting category, categories are gone. :open_mouth:

So you can use this instead, in order to target the element that contain the badge-wrapper

.topic-list .link-bottom-line {
    display: none !important;

This should target only the topic list and not the composer.


PERFECT! Thank you so much!

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