How to move Topics in Category into their own Pinned Topic inside new Categories?

Use case: I have a single category (course name) with 8 topics within (8 lessons). These topics have a few dozen replies each. I want to create a new Category for each Lesson and pin that lesson at the top.

I want to maintain the comments on the Topics when I move them.

What’s the best practice? :wrench: Set Topic Timer - This seems like the only way? When I move the Topics, my members will get a notification, so I would like to do it right the first time!


Why? That doesn’t seem like a good idea, as a habitual user of LMS and forums.

Moving a topic between categories is a matter of setting the category on the topic; nothing else about the topic or comments change (though one wants to watch out for how permissions are setup).

Maybe use tags instead.

Is that your presumption, of what you’d like to happen? I’m not sure everyone gets notified when a topic is re-categorized.

Hey, I know my response didn’t answer any questions, but your case is kinda weird, so let’s talk it out. :slight_smile:


You can

  • create a single category with the course name;
  • create sub-categories for each lesson; and
  • in each lesson you can have your 8 topics.

Each topic will have your “few dozen replies”.

Hint: Have you users Watch the topics so they’re notified of any changes and have them enable their email settings to receive all notifications of any changes.


If Each New Category is 1 Lesson. Create New Category of Lesson Name. Copy First post and Paste this in “About Category”

You can Use Admin to change Ownership of the About Category.

Edit Topic and change Category.


As mentioned earlier:

Category: Course Name

  1. Sub-category: Lesson 1 (topic)
  • Replies/Comments/Posts (whichever you want to call them)
  1. Sub-category: Lesson 2 (topic)
  • Replies/Comments/Posts
    repeat for all 8 Lessons

For the next course you create a new category and follow the same setup.

If you mean 8 topics in each of 8 lessons, just use the lessons as the sub-categories and the 8 topics can be within each of those lessons.

Why would you have to move them and to where? Or are you talking about creating and hiding the lessons (sub-categories) until you’re ready to make them visible to your users? And set the timers to auto-post them for you?
You can have your users “Watch” the category (course name) so they will be notified when you’ve posted the new lessons, and they’ll also be notified of new posts (replies) in each of the lessons/topics.


Thanks y’all for the help. I did the Category/Sub-Category method and it’s working well. That plus the FeverBee theme component made for a nice outcome.

Top-left box on the theme component displays the Topics associated with the tag lesson. The top-right component displays the next live call.

I’m working to figure out the best way to control access to the different Groups. Likely using Paid Membership Pro: Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse SSO


I would strongly advise against this approach in favour of discourse-subscriptions Discourse Subscriptions plugin

It is much simpler and doesn’t require any integrations.


@HAWK, thank you. If I moved to the Subscriptions plugin, my understanding is that:

  1. All buyers would need to be Discourse members first (no way to create a new Discourse user and take payment in one step)

  2. I would be unable to “drip” lessons out (change the user’s group from Group1 to Group2 two weeks later, then Group3 two weeks later)

  3. Email notification that a new lesson is available is not possible without integrating additional software (Active Campaign in my situation)

Is that correct?

Thank you for the guidance.

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A member does need to exist before they can buy a subscription but it could be done at the same time depending on how you have things set up. Are you using SSO?

Nope. You can add/remove users to groups as you like.

That depends on how you manage lessons and notifications in Discourse. If a new lesson is added to a category which you have all members watching then they will get an email notification.

What is your planned workflow using WordPress and PMP?


Thank you for the questions, @HAWK. I put together a flow chart to define the logic. It includes 3 entry points into the Discourse forum:

  1. Free trial: Access to Module 0 and Module 1 (Group: Free Trial). No payment needed. Handled via PMP + Wordpress, with SSO. Is subscribed to Active Campaign email series. Removed from email series if/when they purchase.
  2. Paid Member: Access all modules (Group: Paid Member). Payment on WP page via PMP form (Stripe). Add to 15-week Active Campaign email sequence. Removed from Discourse (Suspended?) after 15 weeks if no new subscription.
  3. Alumni: For Paid Members, to stay active. Added to Group: Alumni. Monthly recurring fee, plus Active Campaign email sequence.

I’m open to hiring for custom development, though I don’t want to hire without knowing what I want.

Integrating PMP is relatively straightforward with this link: Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse SSO

I’ve had issues using the new Discourse Subscription plugin, which I’m sure will be resolved. Therefore, I don’t have much experience with Discourse Subscriptions yet.

Here’s the flow chart.

Nope. You can add/remove users to groups as you like.
I understand I can add to multiple groups at once, but can I change group status on an interval? For example:

  • Day of purchase: Add to Group_1
  • +14 days: Add to Group_2
  • +14 days: Add to Group_3
  • +14 days: Add to Group_4
  • +14 days: Add to Group_5
  • +14 days: Add to Group_6
  • +14 days: Add to Group_7

My sense is that I could only do this type of “drip” with a Wordpress membership plugin (PMP, Wishlist Member, MemberMouse, etc).

That depends on how you manage lessons and notifications in Discourse. If a new lesson is added to a category which you have all members watching then they will get an email notification.

My intention is for all lessons to be published, then control the lessons (Categories) that the user can view depending on their payment status and time since payment (drip). No new lesson would be added to a category.

Thank you again for your guidance. I feel like I’m close to understanding the solution. Executing on the solution is another project all together, I’m sure!


Thanks for the extra details. Now that I have a more clear picture I do think that your PMP approach is going to be more appropriate, especially given the content drip. That would require a lot of manual intervention on your part and wouldn’t be a particularly elegant solution.

We do have plans to introduce some automation stuff in the future but I don’t have a timeframe for that.


Makes sense. Thank you. When you have those integrations in beta, I’d love to help test or share further use cases.

Remaining issue is that PMP doesn’t support ActiveCampaign, so while I can manage users, I cannot send the email drip series easily. :upside_down_face:


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