Which category does "Make Public Topic" target?

(Nick B) #1

When I click Make Public Topic on a Private Message, the message is converted to a topic - but I can’t work out which category it will end up in. How do I set the category for the ex-message?

Thanks, Nick

Private Message to Private Category
(Daniela) #2

It goes in #uncategorized category. You can change the category only after you moved the topic.

(Nick B) #3

Thanks - but I have disabled uncategorized topics, it’s there any way of choosing a category?

(Daniela) #4

Nope, but I suppose it’s a legitimate feature request. You should wait for a member of the Discourse team to answer this question.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You can still change the category by editing it, so I fail to see the problem here?

(Nick B) #6

Editing the category doesn’t fire the notifications for the new category.

(Felix Freiberger) #7

Another problem with this is when you want to move a message into a private category. There currently is no way to do that without briefly exposing the topic to the public :frowning:

(Daniela) #8

It may happen that a topic is made public to everyone instead of being assigned to a restricted category and administrators do not immediately notice it.

It has also recently happened to me to have moved a PM containing a link to an alpha and private project in a public forum area rather than in a restricted category. Fortunately, a user immediately alerted me of the error I had done.

PS @fefrei is a ninja…

(Nick B) #9

Thanks all, can someone point me towards the code involved so I can have a go at making a plug in? I haven’t made a discourse plugin but am reasonably handy with a text editor.

(Geoff Bowers) #10

We have a forum with various private categories for staff. It’s not uncommon to want to publish a private message to the relevant secured staff forum rather than manage access to the private topic by invites. At the moment there is considerable concern that messages that should remain private amongst staff might be inadvertently published and/or seen before the message can be appropriately recategorised.

Seems sensible to have a choice of category to target as part of the “Make Public” feature, if only to facilitate the ability to retain the privacy of certain topics.

(Geoff Bowers) #11

As a follow up… as we have a policy of always categorising a topic i thought we could secure the uncategorised category. Looks like that is not an option.

Perhaps the easiest change would be the addition of a forum setting that lets you nominate a specific category for Make Public that defaults to uncategorised. That way folks could set up a secure transition category where they have a chance to categorise the topic appropriately without fear of inadvertently making sensitive content public.

(Tobias Eigen) #12

I just ran into this problem today. There is an additional, worse problem with this that is not yet mentioned in this topic. If members are watching the category it defaults to, it fires a notification about the topic immediately to them before you are able to change the category. Luckily the message I made into a topic was not confidential.

I like the suggestion to provide an admin setting to choose a different default category - that would be fine. Or have the feature respect the ninja edit window (in our case 10 minutes - long, I know) as though the topic were new, before firing off any notifications.

To replicate:

  1. set up a test user watching the category this feature defaults to (in our case it’s #community for some reason, likely because we disabled uncategorized topics?)
  2. write a message
  3. make the message public
  4. check outbound mail server (in our case mandrill) and see notification

(Mittineague) #13

Ouch, it sends an email straight away?
I can see sending a Notification that when clicked would give the “oops”, but sending an email sounds risky.

My guess is the code is using the create time when accounting for the “ninja delay” instead of the move time?