How to oembed a player for Simplecast audio

I’m really confused why this isn’t embedding an audio player:

They support oembed, as can be seen here: (search on the page for simplecast).

My first thought is that I need to whitelist it, and it’s just not whitelisted here. However, I turned on “enable inline onebox on all domains” and that didn’t help on my site. Then I tried whitelisting That didn’t help either. Any thoughts?

edited to add: appears to work properly on iframely

Their OpenGraph data has a type = website


Ok… interesting. So, what should it be? I might be able to get them to fix it.

And why does it appear to work properly in iframely?

Because they use the data from the Twitter Card.

I think we should properly support Twitter Cards with a type of player.

@nbianca, can you add that to your list? We should update our WhitelistedGenericOnebox to properly detect embeds in Twitter Cards


I let them know about the issue. I guess it’s a race to see who can fix it first. :wink:

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Looking forward to trying this!

Does this work?

Should the above work @nbianca?


Simplecast are not providing twitter cards info anymore, so I had to implement an oembed onebox for them.


FWIW, Simplecast recently went through a big change to a new 2.0 codebase. Lots changed. I did tell them recently that their stuff isn’t auto-embedding like they claim.

They say “Use this link to share via social media. It will automatically embed a player in WordPress, Medium, and many other popular sites.” with a link such as this:

It doesn’t work on or self-hosted Wordpress. Let’s test it again now here on Meta:

Edit: Looks like it’s working!

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Crossposting here from a later thread about this issue

It seems as though after working great, onebox isn’t working again on Simplecast. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Let’s see if the old link posted above still oneboxes

Yes that link works fine @Seth_Godin

The link is substantially different from the one you posted which is

compare with


did some more digging. Here’s how Simplecast now offers people a way to share a link:

As you can see, the old model isn’t supported any more.

Not sure if this is on the onebox roadmap, but it’s clearly a change on their part. Thanks.

EDIT! Wait, this might do the trick… I add the word ‘embed’ to the url and get this:


Maybe we need to widen the URL patterns we look for here from this domain @nbianca?


Jumping in here! I migrated to the “new” simplecast in order to get the updated URL, like the one you posted from TGD, @codinghorror, but it still appears as a link rather than onebox


checking on this @codinghorror!!

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Sure @nbianca can take a look and see if the URL patterns can be broadened for better compatibility.


thank you @nbianca! lmk how i can help