How to optimize loading progress when access integrated forum form APP?

Need help,
Have integrated discourse into our app, but the loading progress is so low especially for the fisrt visiters, takes like 10 seconds to login, and the blank page after tap into looks like sth wrong, it’s not friendly to users,
So I’m wondering is there a way or widgets component could smooth this progress?

Check the screenshot blow loading so slow.mp4 - Google Drive

Maybe a loading progress bar or splash page

@Johani is working on an experimental splash screen setting, we should have it ready in the upcoming weeks.

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That would be help, have specific time?

no, sorry, some time in the upcoming weeks is the best I can give you here.

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OK, thanks.
BTW, is there sth that I can try to smooth the loading before the splash setting available?

This is now implemented

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That is Great! :grinning:

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