How to prevent double posting

How about when someone double posts, merge the second post with their first post automatically. So that double posting won’t be a problem anymore…
(For The Blockheads forum)


Some double posting is completely valid: e.g. when responding to two different users.

But agree, double posts outside of this use case are annoying.

On the Blockheads forum page (, double posting is not allowed ever — except for circumstances such as the previous post hit the post limit.

Check out this thread to see more details about double posting and how to fix it on the BH forums.

In the blockheads forums, you’re not allowed to double post under 24 hours.

I was referring to double posting in direct succession within the same Topic for which there is a merge feature.

When you say ‘double posting’ be sure to clarify what you mean.

However, I don’t see why posting two separate topics should be a forbidden use case. Your user may genuinely wish to post about two completely different subjects and wish to keep this in separate Topics. Surely you can moderate where user discretion is an issue?

In our case, double posting is when you post in one topic in succession without an hour between posts.

Here are the exact words of our community manager:


Posting to a thread more than once in succession within an hour is not permitted. “In succession” means without others posting in between your posts, resulting in more than one post from you in a row, and within a short period of time. This is a common way for people to attempt to boost post counts, and is not permitted in any of the forums that make up this bulletin board, even those where posts are not counted.

If you wish to post in response to more than one quoted post you may do so, but those responses should still be in a single post.

If you wish to post again to a thread that you are the last poster for within an hour of your last post to it then you may use the Edit Post function at the bottom of your last post to add to it.

If you are starting a thread, for which the first post is likely to grow a great deal over time, such as a world thread or an extensive guide or list of guides, then it is permissible to post a second time immediately after the originating post, so you have the space immediately after OP reserved for more content.

Persistent double posting outside of this will attract sanctions, starting with the loss of post count.