How to Prevent Users from Editing Topic Titles?

The digital modular synth forum I’m setting up is built so that people will probably be doing a lot of cross referencing.

I used the heart of so and so’s module [link] in my module here and adapted it for my own purposes.

The problem is, users want to update their modules, and have gotten in the habit of changing the title of the original post to include My Module v2, My Module v3, My Module Deluxe v3.5 etc.

Doing this would seem to break any links that had referenced those modules.

Is there a way I can prevent our users from editing their topic titles after they’re created (or after say, 10 minutes, or a day?).

Thank you!

Editing a topic title does not break the link. All links to topics include the topic’s ID. The ID is used for retrieving the topic.


The text in the URL is just a slug, you can put whatever you want there. For example, this link will still bring you to this post:


Ohhh rad, thank you! That’s wonderful news. The more I learn about Discourse the more I wish we’d switched over years ago.


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