How to put sidebar on "top" like it is on meta.discourse

Hi, I am using the new sidebar experimental feature of Discourse (cool btw).
I was wondering how I can get it to stick to top, such as it is on this very forum, instead of below the header banner (I am using the same header banner as Discourse uses on the homepage).

In my instance, the header banner spans full width, the sidebar starts only on the height of the category filters.

Unfortunately I cant upload screenshots here…

I couldn’t find settings to control that aspect. Perhaps I miss them?

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I think we had the same issue when we originally enabled the sidebar here and had to fix it up. Have you tried updating the theme component for the banner?

Yep, it is updated (Theme is up-to-date, last checked: just now)
Both (banner and sidebar) where installed today actually.

Well, as long its not a particular setting…

The Welcome Link Banner is based on the component we use on Meta, but is actually a separate component that hasn’t been updated yet. I can take a look soon, I think all it needs is the option to be shown in a different plugin outlet.


I’ve made an update to the component that adds a setting to choose a plugin outlet:

If you change the plugin_outlet theme setting to above-main-container it should appear above the content, but not above the sidebar.