How to remove a category description and logo?

I have used the search engine, sorry if it is repeated.


I believe that if you remove the category logo, the first paragraph of the About topic isn’t displayed, (and there is an images tab in the edit modal to remove the category logo).

Thanks for the answers, I would like it to stay like this

But I want to keep the logo but not appear when you enter the category
This is my forum, and if you enter in categorys show logo that is nice

Use a CSS theme component to display: none that section.


I think you can customize the css of your themes by adding
.category-heading { display: none; }

Where is that edited, is that the forum did it to me

I do not understand why in the dark mode it is as I want but in the light version if you see the logo and the description

Thanks to both of you, in the end I put that and it’s solved

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How can I remove the category description on the category page? Thank you. In desktop category page style, I have boxes with subcategories.

I tried with this
.category-list {
.category-description {
display: none;

but it doesnt work

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