How to turn off category logos and descriptions within the category and only have them on the Categories page

I think i’m missing a way to turn off the image and description inside the category and sub category in Discourse.

I want the logo on the ‘Categories’ page, and am ok with it appearing in the category itself, but assigning a logo forces a Category description to appear inside the category alongside the logo which i don’t won’t.

Is there any way to have a category/sub category logo but not have the category description appear next to it?

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Hi @Drew-ART. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to remove the description at this point, but I wanted to clarify to ensure I understand.

If we remove the description, do you want the logo to remain, so it will look similar to this?

Also, make sure to check how it looks on mobile! I always make changes and forget to check the mobile rendering… :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your reply. I’d prefer to remove both i think for layout reasons, but i’m ok with either removing the logo + description, or just the description so that the logo only shows when users are browsing the categories page


Wow, check out:

It has an amazing array of options, and might provide you with what you need @Drew-ART

I added a description to my test category, and then changed the setting in the theme component. Before:


I never really add more info to my categories than a description, but with that theme component now I want to. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply. I played around with it and was able to recreate the behaviour i was looking for. The styling isn’t as nice as it was before the recent update caused a clash with the Discourse Category Banners plugin, but i should be able to improve it with CSS.

Here’s the difference:

Discourse Category Banners:

Discourse Category Header theme component:


Awesome! Care to mark @maiki’s response as a solution? :wink: I’ll delete this reply once you do.

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