How to remove the "Getting Started" button on header


After some update I now got a “Getting Started” button on the top header, which was surprising since the site is more than a year old:

How do I get rid of this? It points to an article with generic instructions for first time installations. I deleted the article but the button remains.


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Updates to new site experience and the Getting Started guide should say how to disable it. I think you need to search settings for bootstrap.


It’s bootstrap mode min users: :+1:

Setting it to 0 (or fewer than the number of people on your site) should disable it, though it can take up to a day as that’s how often the background job runs.


Damn, so now I either disable bootstrap mode entirely or I have to find a way to recreate and link the welcome topic :\

I’m not sure what you mean? The welcome topic that the button links to is a staff/admin one, so won’t really affect anyone else (same for the button itself).

Though if you’ve deleted it you should be able to undelete it. If you go to [YourSite]/latest?status=deleted you should see it towards the top of the list. :+1:


You’re right. I was under the impression the message was also shown to non-admin users but it is not. Thank you!

I permanently deleted it :frowning_face:

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That is unfortunate. Hmmm. :thinking: I don’t think it’s super important to keep, and you can read the text here:

Though I think you can manually regenerate it if you feel the need. I think we can adapt the instructions from this post How to regenerate FAQ and TOS pages? - #2 by gerhard and use it for SiteSetting.admin_quick_start_topic_id instead - which would allow you to regenerate them from your /admin/customize/site_texts page (Replace Texts).

I’m not 100% sure it’s worth it though. :slight_smile:


I am curious… why is your site still in bootstrap mode? Is this intentional? If so, I’d love to learn more about the reasons for it.

You can leave bootstrap mode and adjust the settings so you get pretty much the same setup, without the getting started button shown to admins at the top.


bootstrap min users is 50. I guess the old bootstrap message wasn’t as jarring as the new one, and/or he got used to it. Then it changed and seemed like an emergency.


Hey @JammyDodger.


I think that somene should add a link to this announcement somewhere very near the top of the admin guide.

Here’s why

I’m setting up a new site and think that the new “getting started” button is much nicer than the more cryptic “you are in bootstrap mode” we used to have.

But I don’t know how a new admin would have any idea that Getting Started is in any way connected to bootstrap mode. It’s also not entirely clear that this button is visible only to admins (unless you stop, think, and then trust that the designers wouldn’t show /everyone/ a button that applies only to admins).

The references to bootstrap mode in the Getting Started Guide are pretty far down and don’t explicitly say that they are related to the Getting Started button. I suspect that many more people are confused by this message than is evidenced by the very small number of messages about it.


I think you may be right. I’ll pass on the feedback and see if it can be slipped in somewhere. :+1:


Thanks, Jay! With these changes we have been trying to downplay the “bootstrap mode” term and play up getting started instead. It’s also a first step toward doing more to help sites cover all the bases before launching their community.

I think it’s clear enough that the button is just for admins because the tip that pops up mentions admin getting started guide.

We have been toying with the idea of displaying the getting started button also to founding members before launch and then showing them some things they can do to help. But don’t have plans to work on this more for the time being while we see how this step plays out.

But I agree that it may be a good idea to explain it a bit better. How about we change the bootstrap mode note to something like the following and move it closer to the top?

Note: We recommend you refer to this guide often using the getting started link at the top, which is shown until you launch your community. Also, to make launching easier, new members will have daily email summary emails enabled (instead of the usual weekly) and be given a higher level of trust. See below to learn more about the trust system and bootstrap mode.


I"m in full support, but the site setting is still called bootstrap_mode and searching settings for “getting started” returns nothing.

Well, that looks like a great solution. Of course, no one will read it, but now it’ll be on them. :slight_smile:


Oh, in that case let’s just add “getting started” to that setting. I’ve made a PR here: add "getting started" to bootstrap min users setting · discourse/discourse@f46bd02 · GitHub


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