New discourse; how to remove the blue "start-mode"-header?

hey guys,

how do i make this dissappear without fullfilling its requirements (5 topics, 50 users…etc)?

it would be nice to have this message removed.

but how?

we are using discourse internally for the company and we are quite small yet. so most of us are admins/mods…

it would be nice to have it removed.
since three months we have this blue header now… it´s telling us nothing new…
and we keep wondering…
will it ever go away. sure it will. but the forum is not yet for the public, and won´t be for at least another two months.



ps: feel free to edit the title, category and tags. i´m quite new to the meta.discourse so i don´t know the right categorys, tags yet…

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It will be visible only for admins. So you don’t need to worry about it.


thanks for the info!

added to the post:

In admin page /admin/site_settings/category/uncategorized in SiteSetting bootstrap mode min users you can put 0 to disable bootstrap mode.

To hide other notice disable SiteSetting show create topics notice on the same tab.



thank you very much for your fast reply and help on this!

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I know this is an old post but the suggestion below may be useful for any admin users wanting a clean interface while keeping bootstrap mode on on their Discourse forum.
You can simply add the following to your theme’s common CSS section:

#global-notice-alert-bootstrap-mode {display:none!important;}