How to remove "Website Name" links shared in a topic/post?

True! In my specific circumstance, my userbase is very technically challenged. They barely know how to end a phone call, use google, use bold (they often end up bolding nothing, or everything), have never used a forum before, etc. So I am trying my absolute hardest to streamline all processes within Discourse, and hide every element that may overwhelm or confuse them.

Its a humbling experience lol

This is why I was looking for an automatic solution to exclude - My Website Name being appended to category links rather than adding more education pieces. :smiley:


Wel the link chain I posted is decent of you want to skip typing dome markdown code. Automates it a bit and could be easier for novice users

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this feature was also a nifty surprise when I first stumbled across it:

Peek 2023-03-09 17-33

if you have a link in your clipboard and paste on top of selected text, it’ll turn it into a link


Too bad it doesn’t work on mobiles — and with mobiles I mean at least iPad.

Works on Android, FWIW

The journey to get consistent behaviour on iOS is long and painful, from what I understand.


Yeah, Apple’s solutions are quite… weird every now and then. Or just every :wink:


Try the enable experimental hashtag autocomplete setting


That did the trick! Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


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