Linking a post on the same forum should not contain the domain name

I am trying to link another thread in my current post.
For this example, i’ll use this thread: Configure tag color

I noticed there are 2 ways in which text is transformed to a link:

The normal just-copy-the-whole-link way:

link: Configure tag color
actual text:

alternate version of the same way:

link: Configure tag color
actual text: [Configure tag color](

which contains the website domain name (

And the domain-independent way:

link: Configure tag color
actual text: [Configure tag color](/t/configure-tag-color/93372)

which doesn’t contain in front :astonished:.

I consider this second way to be pretty darn cool coz it handles a possible domain name change w/o any problem.

Is there a reason why this feature is not done automatically for all linked same forum topics?
Eg: i paste and it is automagically converted to [Configure tag color](/t/configure-tag-color/93372) (or is converted when i click save)

Sorry, I don’t understand your question?

Updated OP. I hope it’s clearer now.

Because absolute links are better for :mountain: of reasons.

A domain name change is a very rare event and it’s a 1-line command (discourse remap <old> <new>) to fix.


In that case: should admin wrench/move selected posts to a new topic use the absolute links or shortened ones? (right now it uses shortened – this is how i found out the feature!)

More discourse trickery! :astonished:

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