How to reserve full name like reserved username?

I find the user can still set some names like admin as their full name (not username), is there a way that I can disallow this?



To my knowledge its not possible to restrict names. There was a feature request a while back but didn’t gain much traction


Sounds like it would take a plugin.

Yes, and if you do it you have to be really careful to have a way to whitelist exceptions.

I had a custom plug-in for this (May even stil have the code on my git server) and hit a snag when we had a user try to join and set his Name to his actual name because his first name is legitimately, Admin.


Oh wow! This would be an excellent addition to Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names | Kalzumeus Software


Apparently I deleted the repo as I can’t find it now. I’m asking the other person who was an admin on that instance if they still have the code.

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