Restricting names (not just usernames)

This is likely to have come up before but I couldn’t find any topic on it, so here we go: it would be great if we could restrict names just like we can restrict usernames in the reserved usernames site setting so that we can The reasons are basically the same as for usernames: we’d like to prevent people from using words like “support” or “admin” or “<our domain>” as part of their name.

A workaround is, of course, to disable real names altogether, but since the code already exists for usernames, I assume that this could probably be applied to the name field in a matter of minutes…

Indeed, as I think about it, it would probably suffice to simply apply the existing reserved usernames setting also to the name field., so even UI changes would be minimal. At least for me, I can’t think of a scenario where I’d want to disallow a string as a username but allow it as a name.