How to reset discourse password?

Is password reset functionality now available for admins from within the home dashboard?


Are you talking about this forum or your own website?

I’m not familiar with the Discourse system, just a freshman here :slight_smile: , but suppose, perhaps, there might be a “reset password” link somewhere in the profile settings?

UPD: Here’s what I’ve just found, take a look:

These are too many jargons for a non techie :frowning:

Oh, yeah, I have just opened up a link and see it too :frowning:

Suppose you would need to follow next instructions:

Personally, I don’t see anything complex with this one, just open a console and type in there rake admin:create, then, as I see it, you would need to type your admin e-mail and type “Y” in order to reset your password and hit the Enter key on your keyboard, after that, you would need to type a new password and confirm it once again.

Hey, please pardon my knowledge on technicality… but will this help me reset the password for my Discourse community page?
I am unable to find any “reset password” functionality in my current discourse console…

I have recently started a community (on finance) on discourse where i am the Admin…
talkind about that… yes have started it on


From what I’ve understood, you would need to follow the next steps:

  1. Click on your avatar at the top right corner,
  2. Click on an user icon at the bottom of your pop-up menu (see screenshot below);


  1. Click on Preferences menu title,
  2. Choose “Security” tab in there (see screenshot)

  1. Press on “Send Password Reset Email” and follow next instructions :slight_smile:

If I still didn’t get you right, then I’m sorry :frowning:

hey thanks a lot, it’s done!! :slight_smile:
thanks for your patience too…

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No problem!

Glad it helped you :slight_smile:

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