How to restart Sidekiq jobs after import

We moved from phpBB today and as we used a bigger server for the import process we quickly created a backup in Discourse to move over to the live server.

It looks like this has caused some jobs to cancel that usually run after the import (from test imports i noticed that sidekiq was busy for an hour or so after import). Is there a way to trigger the same jobs again? I do see some weirdos like an empty user list which I think is just something that needs to run the relevant job.

I couldn’t find anything in Sidekiq triggers that seemed to fit.

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Btw this is also true for old posts for example. While Threads are marked as unread themselves they don’t appear in the unread view. I guess the reason is the same. there must be some job that needs to run over everything?

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Not sure if my question makes no sense or the case is really so complicated.

I also noticed there seem to be more problems with the unread view. On my account (and people also report this) not only the old post prior import don’t appear in unread but also most of the new ones too. I do have 5 threads in new while only one in unread at the same time. This doesn’t make sense - does it? Everything that was posted and I haven’t read yet should appear in unread unless I muted the forum. Or am I completely wrong here?

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