How to revert from initial bad color configuration

I rushed to set few colors and icons right after initial install - and now I really to not like it (here is a sample)

I know that with an empty site, the simplest thing would be to run ./launcher rebuild app in the console, but I would like to be able to change some minor look and feel properties even when rebuild is not a feasible option.

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you’ll find the color schemes there:
and then within your themes here:

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Thank you for responding @Benjamin_D and allow me one more question: is there some support for undo/redo for these (https://your.domain/admin/customize/colors and https://your.domain/admin/customize/themes) or am I on my own and my knowledge of CSS?

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It looks like you selected this color palette when you went through the wizard.

I think a couple of the colors in that palette have regressed - leading to low contrast. I’ll get those fixed.

For now, you can always go through the wizard (initial configuration) on your site at any time by visiting:

This will allow you to select another color palette and change the icons without any CSS knowledge.


Great explanation, thank you @Johani

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