How to search with user fields?

2.7.0.beta8: Share Topic Modal Improvements, Searchable User Fields, Pause Animated Images, and more

Thanks for the great update.

Searching using User fields has been a feature I really wanted for a long time.
I immediately tried to apply searchable to some fields.

However, I am having trouble understanding how to do the search.

For example
For example, if I have a user field Gender: “Male”, “Female”.
How can I search for male?

Sorry for the rudimentary question, but please help me.


Could this possibly not work with multi-byte characters?


When the Searchable option is enabled for a user field, the field can be searched for from the header “quick search” input:

This is the first time that I’ve tried the feature. The screenshot is from my local development site. Possibly there is an issue with scroll bars appearing in the user results that needs to be fixed.


Thanks for answer.
It probably won’t work at all with multibyte characters such as Japanese.
Even in the case of an exact match, it was not displayed.

I’m going to try to create a search function with my own hands!


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