2.7.0.beta8: Share Topic Modal Improvements, Searchable User Fields, Pause Animated Images, and more

New features in 2.7.0.beta8

:warning: Rebuild required. The rebuild will update package versions to latest, and must be completed if the site has not be been rebuilt from the command line in the last few days.

Share topic modal improvements

The Share Topic modal has been overhauled. Topic invites have been updated to take advantage of the updated user invites system. “Inviting” an existing user has been renamed to “Notify”.


Searchable user fields

Staff can now configure user fields to be searchable, allowing users to find others by custom fields.

Pause animated images

Did your colleague upload yet another meme? Friend sharing the latest TikTok craze? They may be fun to look at once, or twice, or six times, but sometimes they just get distracting and you want them to stop. All animated images, like gif, now include a pause button. Hover over the image with your mouse to see the pause button in the bottom right. On mobile, tap anywhere on the image.


Note that gifs will automatically be paused when the prefers-reduced-motion accessibility flag is enabled.

New trim_incoming_emails site setting

Discourse automatically trims signatures and other “extra” content from incoming emails. Some sites prefer that such content remains. Sites wishing to disable email trimming can now use the trim incoming emails site setting to do so.

Improved poll builder UI, part 2

Additional changes have been made to the poll builder following feedback from the overhaul made in beta7. This includes a text area instead of text fields when using the advanced builder, allowing users to paste poll options.

Ignore anonymous pageviews on login required sites

Login required sites, by definition, require a login to access. Anonymous users - those not logged in - cannot see content, only the login page. Discourse still counts anonymous user’s visits to the login page, which has caused confusion among site admins thinking their content is visible. To avoid confusion, anonymous pageviews of the login page will no longer be counted on such sites.

Show a notice if video cannot be rendered

Videos come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, videos also come in many different codecs. Not every device/browser supports all codecs. When a video cannot be played, Discourse now displays a warning to the user, instead of simply displaying a broken video.


Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Security Updates

This beta does not include any security fixes. A security fix was released for the Calendar plugin.

  • Calendar Plugin: prevent arbitrary method call from input

Plugin improvements

Many plugins

  • Bug fix
    • We’ve patched numerous bugs in many of our plugins
  • Translations
    • We’ve updated the translations in many of our plugins


  • Add default CSS rule to limit image width to parent width


  • Display long PR/Issues with an expandable excerpt

OAuth2 Basic

  • Handle invalid email_verified data from identity provider


  • Add name personalization
  • Update syntax


  • Add option to include all categories

Chat Integration

  • Improve formatting for Slack transcript messages
  • Add support for Slack message shortcuts

Data Explorer

  • Add help modal


  • Improve quick access copy when no topics are assigned

Docker Manager

  • Always show Docker Manager second in the list

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Small improvements to the topic list embed
  • Include avatar flair on the avatars listed in a user summary’s “Most…” sections
  • TL4 & category moderators can merge posts
  • Add reviewable score updated webhook
  • Allow using ‘top’ view for topic list embed
  • A low priority filter for the review queue.
  • Allow pausing animated images in posts
  • Make category-navigation outlet tagless
  • Watch title for automatic tagging
  • Review every post using the review queue.
  • Topic count in category boxes
  • Add plugin outlet for category-box-below-each-category
  • Show the slow mode indicator in composer
  • In the slow mode dialog make “Enabled Until” mandatory
  • Tweak slow mode messages and intervals
  • Allow setting postgres connection variables via environment
  • Reduce invite key length

Bug Fixes

  • Do not cut off long polls
  • Gracefully handle inline images in emails
  • Add theme field errors
  • Avatar flair wasn’t displaying on the user summary page
  • Improvements to animated image pausing
  • Ensures successive topic hydrates doesn’t override category
  • Recent regression meant we were proxying qunit when we shouldn’t
  • Ember CLI Live Reload was not supported by the CSP
  • Remove whitespace from theme git versions
  • No JIT when quoting a mention
  • Handle charset=windows-1252 in mbox import script
  • Replace use of regular expression
  • Make diffHTML handle external changes
  • Show staff bulk actions only to staff
  • Skip notifications about beginner badges
  • Bug when scrolling in iOS Safari with composer open
  • Forward all the HTTP headers through when we bootstrap Ember CLI
  • Ensures successive tags can be renamed
  • Allow moderators to access /admin/customize/watched_words
  • Ensure tag topic lists are not scrolled to an incorrect position
  • Do not add CSS transition effect to animated images
  • Send a different message if export fails
  • When a flag is handled archive message for moderator group
  • Exclude emoji images from JS sizing
  • Invalid Date on “last” shortcut for timer + bookmarks
  • TagDrop uses currentCategory now
  • Blank avatar on user card if flair url is undefined
  • Allow finding non-lowercase tag groups
  • Fall back to hardcoded version when period check disabled
  • Do not dump schema during production database migrations
  • Use CDN urls for theme settings of type upload
  • Revert color of post-map
  • If we want a .json path, don’t bootstrap
  • Use CDN urls for theme uploads
  • User group message route should not be case-sensitive
  • Clientside validate min tags for required tag group
  • POP3 polling shouldn’t stop after exception or old email
  • Enforce tag group count validation before sending to review queue
  • Allow CodeCommit-style theme .git url format
  • Update database_restorer to avoid shell use
  • Whitespaces when copying code blocks
  • Ensure plugin’s gems are in the gem path
  • Generate unique HTML heading names
  • Docking mixin was not cleaning up timers
  • Remove old usercard styles, fix bg img class
  • Show invite validation errors to users
  • Improve error messages for invites
  • Ensure the top 6 categories are shown in the user summary
  • Already sent headers error in Ember CLI
  • this.loading is undefined, it should be state.loading
  • Handle permalinks with query parameters
  • ember build was not adding digests to additional bundles
  • Don’t show the get a room composer message in private categories
  • Use Nokogiri and Loofah consistently

UX Changes

  • Reduce the number of columns on invite page
  • Fix styling for long label in multi-select choices
  • Minor tweaks to insert-hyplink modal
  • Ensures toolbar gear button has identic color and height
  • The Site’s logo is the selected option when changing the system’s user avatar.
  • Fix positioning of back button on progress bar
  • Consistent topic timer message button order
  • Mobile consistency for topic status messages
  • Improve alignment and spacing of category headers
  • Correctly shows outline around focused input time
  • Improve copy when no results in bookmarks and notifications quick access panel
  • Stop presence indicator hop, space consistency
  • Do not pre-select blank tag on append tags bulk action
  • Uses native date picker when possible (eg: not safari)
  • Prevent topic progress bar from overlapping
  • Fix layout of group header buttons on mobile
  • Fix focus style for post edit history button
  • Update positioning of mobile post controls
  • Improve user card control layout for long text
  • Wider drop down for top page select kit
  • Update signup cta styles
  • Show error message instead of disabling save button on tag groups page
  • Displays a descriptive error when theme is not allowed
  • Smoother timeline footer animation, padding fix
  • Mobile styling for discard draft modal buttons
  • Prevent some composer buttons from receiving focus
  • Full height composer on mobile Android
  • Minor styling improvements to invites
  • Moves from summary/details to a button to expand github body


  • Make stylesheet max_file_mtime calculation more efficient
  • Add timeout to theme import git commands
  • Improve theme stylesheet compilation performance
  • Remove N+1s from ThemeController#update and #show
  • Properly preload emails to speed up user exports
  • Async notify users after inviting group


  • Category logos are decorative, set empty alt