How to set blank title when create topic by API

How to set blank title when create topic by API

To create a topic without a title when publishing through the API, set the skip_validations parameter to true.


Out of curiosity, what is the purpose?

I want to make sure Just post amazon link Can get the title and description from automatically .

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Where I can set this ?

Add it as a parameter to the API call that you are making. Set it in the same place as you are setting the other parameters for the post. For example, where you are setting the raw parameter.

Depending on the platform that you are making the request from, you may need to pass the string 'true' instead of just using the boolean true. The easiest way to check this is to try using true as the parameter value, if you still get errors, try using 'true'.

If you put the URL as the topic title, I think Discourse then replaces it by the target page title.

Edit: it seems not to work.

Thanks for your reply .

BTW . I really do not know I can do with “raw”. The raw should have a json file or just string

But that is not . when create topic by API

Did you try this way by API successfully ?

I tried and it did not work.

“raw” is nothing more than your post content and is a string. See: Discourse API Docs

Yes . How to make specific words have color ? and how to update image ?
I should do these work in RAW ?

You can’t change words color with Discourse unless you use a plugin.

I think you meant “upload image”, so I believe you should first make an API request to upload your file, then retrieve its URL and use it in your next POST request: Discourse API Docs
Not 100% sure though, I’ve never done this.

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Thanks for your reply . I have done "upload image ", Just want is showed with topic during created it

Get your uploaded file URL from the request response, and in your next POST request, in the “raw” string, put your image URL in a single line. This way, the image will be displayed in the post.

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Thanks I tried and it works

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Can you show how you set up finally amazon with posting?

Just insert image in raw , title and other contents