How to set the default for the mobile version to display as a desktop version

Please, I have the mobile version and when I open the dropdown menu and there is an option to display the desktop version, I would like to ask how do I set the default so that it is displayed on the mobile as the desktop version?

You can do and but I am not sure if this fits your use case.


Do you mean for yourself (so you have a user) or for all users of your forum? If it’s the latter, can you say more about why?

I need the mobile version to look exactly the same as the desktop version for all forum users

The first step will be to see that their mobile screens are as big as their desktop screens.

After that, I think it should be possible to make a theme component that sets the desktop as the default (but I don’t knot how offhand). It’ll make many pages hard to use on mobile (unless you get them all really big phones).

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